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Vice President

Robert C. "Chris" Cottone

Vice President

Robert C. (Chris) Cottone graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Chris co-manages Greentree’s internal emerging growth fund and oversees the capital markets policies and procedures implemented by the firm including new project origination. Chris specializes in new public listings at Greentree and also leads the SPAC team. In this role, Chris has been involved in several business combinations that have exceeded $1 billion in enterprise valuation. Chris is also responsible for monitoring legislative activities effecting securities issues. With more than two decades of service to the business community, Chris has been instrumental in guiding the careers of many of the nation’s new entrepreneurs. Chris heads many of Greentree’s community awareness programs that contribute to the Global Vision maintained at the firm. He is a frequent contributor to various publications and periodicals and lectures to professional organizations.

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