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Recent Transactions

Food Service Provider/Franchisor,
Ft. Worth, Texas – IPO

Health and Wellness Company,
Jupiter, FL – IPO

Financial Services Brokerage,
Hong Kong – New listing via SPAC

Electric Vehicle Manufacturer,
Hebei, PRC – New listing via SPAC

Off-Road Electric Vehicle Manufacturer,
Round Rock, TX – IPO

Telemedicine Provider,
Plano, TX – Debt restructure

Oceanic Treasure Recovery Company,
Ft. Pierce, FL – Financial advisory  

Financial Service Conglomerate,
Ft. Lauderdale, FL – NASDAQ uplisting, Financial advisory

AI-Based Drug Developer,
Boston, MA – IPO

Social Media Marketing Company,
Las Vegas, NV – Financial advisory

EP Healthcare Device Developer,
Westport, CT – Financial Advisory

Men’s Health & Wellness Company,
Dallas, TX – IPO

Coffee Roaster and Distributor,
Miami, FL – Financial advisory

Food Distributor,
Monroeville, PA – Financial advisory

Trucking and Logistics Company,
Miami, FL – Regulation A filings

Medical Supplies Provider,
Rehovot, Israel – Financial advisory

Topical Medicine Manufacturer,
Marina Del Rey, CA  – Financial advisory

Yacht Sales,
Miami, FL – Regulation A filings, Financial advisory

Water Purifier/Distributor,
Palm City, FL – Regulation A filings, Financial advisory

AI-Based Network Security Company,
Palo Alto, CA – New listing via SPAC